The Sulyom Landscape Restaurant is our most loved and most anticipated development on the shore of Lake Tisza. It is a high-quality rural bistro, created to be a gastronomic and cultural highlight of the region. A four-seasonal culinary meeting point for sophisticated guests who love the rural environment, which makes it worth getting in the car and travelling to Sarud even from further corners of the country.

The Sulyom Landscape Restaurant is a Bistro in a cosy village on the shore of Lake Tisza, which we would like to add to the variety of Lake Tisza’s gastronomy. With a distinctive Tisza Lake exterior, a clean interior, a professionally equipped kitchen, a narrow selection of dishes, delicious and aesthetically presented, reimagined food, smiling staff striving for success, and quiet but attentive owners and a talented young chef, we are working on reinterpreting the flavours of the countryside.

A 1.5-hour drive from the capital, on the main street of Sarud, a village on the shores of Lake Tisza, far from the busy world, we designed a restaurant for Sarud that fits the traditions and values of Lake Tisza and the environment with its appearance, its ingredients and its show garden. On this basis we are trying to create the new Food Style of Lake Tisza, with the help of modern cuisine.

Sulyom díszteríték

The kitchen

The first Slow Food restaurant at Lake Tisza, where local ingredients are in focus.


Our ingredients

What do we want to express with the name "Landscape Restaurant"? It's good to know what we eat. It gives us confidence if we can trace the "history" of the ingredients, if we can be sure that quality is guaranteed, if we know the producer and if we can even supervise production ourselves. We want to be a reference restaurant for the producers of the region, a responsible artisan restaurant using local ingredients and supporting local people. Our goal is to find the best suppliers and help make backyard farming a value for the villagers. We want to get involved in the production ourselves, to set an example for the farmers of empty gardens...

The Sulyom (Water Caltrop)

It is a gift from Lake Tisza to the restaurant, which we would like to empasize with the name choice. A long-forgotten plant, once so popular, a delicacy, is finding its way to the top of Hungarian gastronomy through us. Water chestnut, as many know it, is a special opportunity for the region.

Once a food for the poor, today it is a curiosity, an exciting opportunity. The protected plant grows in a nature reserve, and collecting it requires an official permission. We collect the spiny fruits ourselves, and we try to process almost all parts of them. Guests who know this plant know it not from the table, but usually from the 4 spines stuck in their feet. This is why it is considered by many to be the curse of Lake Tisza. It forms huge "fields" that block the path of light from the water layer beneath its leaves. We, however, see the sulyom as a gift, because for us the plant is the heart of Lake Tisza, enclosed in spikes.

A white, heart-shaped seed grows inside the 4-spike seed coat. It is not just the seed that is processed. In the restaurant, the prickly seed and even the leaves of the plant will offer unique flavours to the guests. Our aim is to make the water caltrop the pride and joy of Lake Tisza.
zöldséges kosár

Adventure garden program

At Sulyom Landscape Restaurant, we don't just cook, but we try to educate and set an example. Local ingredients are not just a marketing tool for us. So much so, that we are building a demonstration garden next to the restaurant to show our guests some of the vegetables/fruit processed in our kitchen. You will be able to touch and smell the produce, and there will be no ornamental plants around the restaurant in Sarud. Useful plants, herbs, berries and fruit trees will be inviting you to visit every inch of the restaurant. When we bought our first house in Sarud and planned our future here, our plan was to build eco-gardens in the gardens of all our houses.

Thematic gardens, where you can provide yourself with the vegetables, fruit and even livestock you need. After all, freshly harvested produce that we grow ourselves always tastes different. The opening of the restaurant obliges us to launch this programme. And not just to buy ingredients. We want to set an example to the people in the area, to show that it is possible to make a living from backyard farming, without chemicals, with hands-on work. In the Adventure Garden program, we learn to farm, buy locally grown ingredients, and what we can't process in the restaurant, we sell on the beach or process and offer to our guests as local handicrafts.
köldséges kosár

Adventure garden shop

We are not hiding who we are buying our raw materials from. In fact, we even show some of our producers' products in the restaurant, which you can buy on the spot. We believe that a restaurant can be a real hub and marketing attraction for the region's producers. We are confident that by producing our own goods and working together, we can create a well-functioning community and economic unit, which will also give life to a local farming community. Our aim is to create a unique local marketplace for the guests of the Adventure Village, accessible through a webshop, so that you too can take home the flavours of Sarud.

hattyúk a Tisza-tavon

The environment

Lake Tisza, the second largest lake in the country, is one of the most beautiful waterside recreation and ecotourism areas in the country. A true paradise, man-made and nature-owned. In the middle of this wonderful landscape is one of the most beautiful villages on Lake Tisza, with its farmhouses, preserving memories and the atmosphere of the countryside. On the main street of Sarud we are looking forward to your visit to the Sulyom restaurant.


Our home. A village that we have dedicated our lives to improving and making beautiful. Where we came here as guests a few decades ago. Our friends who have been lured here say that it is a "black hole" from which there is no escape once you have come here. The small settlement in Heves County has almost merged with Lake Tisza, which has been very kind to the people who live here, as it has given them perhaps the most beautiful waterfront. The Sarud-basin, which bears the name of the village, is the largest open water area of Lake Tisza, larger than Lake Velence, and it is a base for water sports. Walking through its streets, the atmosphere of the old farmhouses gives a special sense of calm, its church and statues touch the soul, while the waterfront offers a wide range of active tourism facilities for exploring and discovering. Sarud is a holiday village, where the inhabitants try to preserve the values and traditions of the old village life, and where visitors and guests are warmly welcome.

Lake Tisza

For us, it is one of the most beautiful and most diverse regions in the country. It's a place of eternal change, of renewal, of pulsating life. The second largest lake in Hungary, built by man, but filled with life by nature, healing its wounds. A real living world. Its size is ONE FIFTH of that of Lake Balaton and FIVE times the size of Lake Velence. Its waters have their own rhythm, its shores their own melody. It shows a different face in summer and reveals the secrets of its bed in winter, when its water level drops by up to 1.5 metres. 6 specific seasons follow each other to offer a myriad of experiences to those who visit it. A lake of contrasts, where the river stands and the lake flows. It is the only natural lake where boats can be equipped with an internal combustion engine, while a large part of its territory is part of the Hortobágy National Park. Words cannot describe it. You have to walk down to the shore, sit on a rock for a few minutes, listen and be amazed, bow your head at the power of nature. Born in 1973, the lake is today one of the most beautiful and diverse habitats in Hungary, and it is very easy to get captivated by it…


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